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Calibration & Maintenance
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Optec-Sansi Sports utilizes state of the art screen correction systems to ensure the ultimate in color accuracy, brightness consistency and video performance.

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PM-LED Screen Correction System is an integrated hardware and software solution for measuring and correcting the brightness and color of each pixel in an LED video screen. The use of the PM-LED Screen Correction System eliminates LED-to-LED performance variations and produces a uniform appearance A combination of precision pixel-by-pixel brightness and color measurement technology, sophisticated image analysis tools, and over 5 years of experience correcting tens of thousands of LED screens and modules, makes the PM-LED Screen Correction System the most capable, accurate, and powerful LED screen correction system available.

The PM-LED Correction System uses a ProMetric Series imaging colorimeter to precisely and simultaneously measure the luminance and chromaticity of each LED in a target module or screen. This data is then used to calculate correction factors for each pixel or module that will allow it to achieve user defined targets for color and brightness uniformity. These correction factors are uploaded to the panel video control board and applied to the incoming video signal.

The result is an LED panel that uniformly displays the proper luminance and color throughout the entire screen. The boundary between modules is seamless. Screen brightness is optimized.

The entire process is fast and simple, whether for a full screen or just a module, as the PM-LED correction software controls the entire process from measurement to uploading the correction coefficients. The system can be used to calibrate an LED screen in as little as six minutes, depending on the speed at which correction factors can be uploaded to the video control electronics.

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Optec-Sansi Sports offers a full suite of onsite maintenance and repair services.  Our national network of over 600 service technicians are available for quick response to your service needs, including parts replacement, onsite game day technical personnel and support for 3rd party products and systems.  Onsite service and support plans are available to support any requirements.  (See your Optec-Sansi representative for full program details and restrictions.)

All display products include a full 5-year parts and factory labor warranty.

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